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People were running hither and thither, entranced and ecstatic, frothing at the mouth and prophesying doom.

— Naples ’44, by Norman Lewis.


It has been a bit of a wait but Raptoreum is finally ready to launch Testnet stage 4. The main purpose of this stage is to test our new version of our GhostRider algorithm which we are calling Take2. This is the finalized version for mainnet with better performance and a smoother implementation which mitigates the spikes in hash when changing between algorithms. We also move up to version 2.5.1 of Ravencoin from 2.4.


We also have moved away from yiimp on our test pool, that I am extremely happy about as yiimp was pain in the wahoo. The Zellabs guys have been so kind as to share the code with us needed to move over to EasyNOMP based pool. Thanks guys! They also will have a Take2 mining pool available.

This round of testnet should be fairly short after which we will move to testnet stage 5 which will have service nodes, fee recycler, etc, stage 5 will be the last stage of testnet and we do not expect it to be overly long.


NOTE: Our Discord bot Stacy will change over to Testnet 4 @ 2020-02-28 3pm  (PST). You must have made your lotto picks by that time or your Testnet 3 coins will go to waste.


Testnet Stage 4 Binaries

You can get the new binaries here:

You must use these binaries, and since this is on a new chain it is best to wipe your old data directory and start fresh. Data directory locations are as follows:








Once wiped start syncing the new wallet.


Before anything make sure you are fully up to date on the lucky block contest and have sent me any signed winners, as well as spent all your testnet coins on the lotto!


Testnet 4 Mining Pools

Raptoreum Take2 Pool:

Zellabs Take2 Pool:


How to mine Raptoreum Testnet:

Take2 CPU Miner:


Why You Should Mine Raptoreums Testnet Stage 4


1.) It makes us stronger as a project and a community.

2.) Greatly reduces the chances of running into major issues on mainnet.

3.) Fill bags!! Remember there is the lucky block contest and the lotto that give you chances at winning IOUs which can be cashed in for real RTM after mainnet launch. If you want to participate in the lucky block contest you should use the miner included in the wallet. For lotto join our Discord in interested and check the #gambling channel, or you can look here: (our old blog).


Have fun on Testnet 4!

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