Currently there is no GPU miner (in the works) for Raptoreum. If you want to mine you can mine solo with the wallet or grab the CPUminer and mine to a pool.

How To Solo Mine With Wallet


— Download the wallet here:

— Open and sync, can take an hour or more the first time you fire it up

— Once done go to Help > Debug Window > Console and type “setgenerate true 2”. The number is the amount of cores (not threads) you want it to use. It will start mining and you will know when you hit a block as your balance will change 🙂



Pool mining With CPU Miner

Note: You cannot solo mine with the CPU miner, use the wallet for that.

Grab the CPU miner here:


Pool List (nomp based)




A complete list of commands is available with ./cpuminer –help. Unpack the files > hold shift > right click > open Powershell > issue command.

There is a README included in the release, check this for which version of the miner to run.

In Windows the miner is run by command or more easily the included .bat files. Open the .bat in a text editor and edit the address and amount of threads. Save and double click to launch. Here is an example:

cpuminer-aes-sse42.exe -a gr -o stratum+tcp:// -u RHKr2n2ryQEGMJyMo4cdGrR8Msomyjm4cx -t 4

-t is the number of threads -a is the algo -u Use your Raptoreum address


A complete list of commands is available with ./cpuminer –help. Running the miner is done like:

./cpuminer -a gr -o stratum+tcp:// -u RNB21thMUhqxA4mWSqxSK5qQg9LVPThNCg -t 1

Note: You may need to make the cpuminer file executable before running.

chmod +x cpuminer



This fork source is not same as our released binaries, DO NOT bother building from source, it will not work with our GhostRider (GR) algorithm. Reason for this as we are keeping GR specific code private until mainnet launch.


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