“It was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice.”
― Joseph Conrad

Unfortunately that is pretty much how things are turning out at the moment. We have run into a gigantic wall of crap with the virus and all it entails. As some of you may know, Charlie and I are both having more kids later in the year which has pushed this onto the sidelines, not through choice but out of necessity.

I was supposed to be sitting in a top paying job in Yangoon right now for an ngo but had to drop that over worries about not being able to head back to Malaysia with quarantine restrictions for the birth of our second child. Charlie is in a similar position, having to hustle like mad since his better half is in a healthcare job and pregnant so hustling up extra work for when the virus arrives and the Mrs walks off work. The rest of the team have also hit issues in several ways.

However, the issue that takes the cake has been travel restrictions, we were expecting to have Wong Xiao Jun of “Guns for Hire” fame to join me here in Malaysia to work on the team and get us launched, that has had to be postponed for several reasons, the worst of which being that I am not able to incorporate and hence even apply for work permits etc here till at the earliest mid April given the restrictions put in place by the Malaysian government.

But you guys are all developers and should be able to handle all this remotely!

Being a really international team makes that a lot more complicated. I am the only other team member with fluent Chinese however, my written is SLOW hence looking relocating Wong Xiao Jun so we could get things moving.


So, when…….

Worst case right now is the next level test-net at some point in April with service nodes. I am not even considering commitments beyond that at the moment for the very simple reason that everything is too fluid at the moment. This may feel like somewhat of a let down and does so to the team but we’re not quite dead yet!


All the best in these dark time,


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