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I don’t believe in pessimism. If something doesn’t come up the way you want, forge ahead. If you think it’s going to rain, it will.

– Clint Eastwood


This will a continuation of my last update post which you can see here:


It has been an amazing and wild ride since my last post at the end of August, wow! Here is a brief summary of what has happened since then.


Raptoreum Assets Whitepaper

The Raptoreum Assets whitepaper is here!! Written by Michael Rainwater (Vibin6up) and designed by our lead dev Tri. This is a must read for everybody interested in Raptoreum or new to the project. There is some eye opening information in this paper.


Development And Other Things Being Worked On

New Raptoreum docs: We are rebuilding and expanding the Raptoreum docs. A big shout out to RustyLumberjack who has taken most of this on his burly shoulders! We hope to have this ready for the public in the next couple of weeks.

A new website….. wait I cannot call it a website as I think it will be more of an experience, – is currently in development! will be a highly visual and interactive “experience” where you can quickly and easily find the information you seek. You will even be able to interact with the Raptoreum blockchain as part of this experience.

We have many very talented people in the Raptoreum community and some of them have come together to build something which should be unique, and beautiful. The site will be translated into over 20 different languages. From what we are seeing, we may have one of the best sites in the whole of blockchain. I will post the list of people working on this at a later date.



Development is accelerating and we have started having weekly developer meetings, as you have may or may not noticed we have had some great new additions to the development team bringing our in house skill set to levels only the top coins have. If you are interested to see what is happening with development you can check the repository on the develop branch and master. Testnet is going to start heating up! We are super excited 🙂 


Bitknives Progress

Bitknife #2 has been forged, this bitknife is named Raptoshi. Crypto Smith, the Bladesmith making these amazing blades now has a laser scanner and each bitknife will be scanned and a virtual replica made, this is HUGE news! This virtual replica will make it possible to bring your physical bitknife in-game with you. It also means other forged items such as the keyrings can also be brought into games. 

Not sure what is a bitknife? Check out the post here:

These are an amazing example use case down the road a bit on how Raptoreums assets (NFT) can be utilized. Here is a picture of bitknife #2 AKA Raptoshi.


Raptoreum on YouTube

Well over 400 YouTube videos have been posted about Raptoreum since the end of August. Here are some channels to check out that have been posting great YouTube videos (in no particular order). Thank you guys for your great content! If you have a channel and I have missed you please don’t hesitate to let me know on Discord or [email protected] I have only put here channels that have at least 2-3 Raptoreum videos. (Rabid Mining) (Crypto, Mine & Code) (Kadena De Bloques) (Raptoreum Español)–5PHFQP58g (RaptoreumRU) (ThriftStore Hacker) (Michał Żurkowski) (CryptoLife3000) (DreamRidiculous – Crypto Mining) (Mine Your Own) (Cunning Cents) (Ayush Mining) (Mad Electron Engineering) (ChumpChange)


YouTube Mentions

The following youtuber may not have made videos directly about Raptoreum but have talked about Raptoreum multiple times in video or live stream. Again if I have missed you please do let me know. (MineYour.₿iz)


New Exchanges



Polarity RTM/USDT:

KoinBazar: (Raptoreum’s first fiat on/off ramp with INR & USDT Pairing)


GPU Mining Comes To Raptoreum

WildRig has added Ghostrider support:


Another CPU Miner Available

Xmrig has added Ghostrider:


Futures Launched On Testnet

Futures launched on testnet on Nov. 2nd with various incentives for participation and testing. A new round of testnet and incentives will launch very thoon, keep an eye on our social feeds and servers for further news on this.

Raptoreum Release

This release was on Nov. 23. This release improved wallet, daemon performance and sync speeds substantially as well as brought in a stronger list of seednodes to help handle the quick growth of the network and future growth. Sync Go Brrr!

Raptoreum Music Video

Finally we are having a professional Raptoreum song and music video created by one of the best teams in the business.  This is just getting started and we are going all out with production, because why not?  Featuring myself, Bigpiggy and Binarai, we are excited to get started with it and will be working with the full production team headed by koresh_tony#8325 over the next few weeks.

Join Us!






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