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Bitknives are one a of a kind, hand forged knives that are battle ready pieces of art. A blending of our most ancient and important technologies (forged weapons), and our newest and most important technologies (blockchain).

Each bitknife tells a story within its construction, if you can read it, the subtleties of the knifes construction will tell you a story, a story of melding the ancient and new and where it might lead.

Bitknifes are created by friend, and fellow Canadian Jesse Lambert of JD Knives.

There is only one of each bitknife ever made and they can only be purchased with RTM, some will be sold on the Raptoreum Shop while others may be auctioned through our Discord. 

Each bitknife will have a virtual replica created by scanning the physical knife with a laser scanner followed by building a near perfect model.

Both physical and virtual bitknives will be tokenized on the Raptoreum blockchain and have a NFT (non fungible token) attached which serves as a certificate of authenticity, and proof of ownership. Those NFTs can also of course be transferred to a new owner should the original owner ever decide to sell it.


Note: Assets are not yet available on the Raptoreum blockchain. Tokenization / asset assignment for existing bitknives will happen only once assets are live. 


Bitknives in Games

For me this is very exciting, imagine now you can take your bitknife into a game and slay monsters with it, or PVP, participate in castle sieges, or raid bosses! At the same time being able to prove that you are the rightful owner and only one of your weapon exists.


How would this work?

As there is a virtual replica of your bitknife it would technically be possible for somebody that obtains a copy of it to add it to a game should they have the skills or money to do so. But as they are not in possession of the NFT for it, they cannot prove they are the owner and lose any credibility. If all goes well I hope to launch a gameserver where people can import their bitknives, that gameserver will have integration with the Raptoreum blockchain.

This will allow the gameserver to verify ownership and authenticity of each bitknife that exists in the game. The client side of this could be done by “talking” to the owner’s locally running wallet / raptoreumd which holds the NFT. This also eliminates any possibility of duping the knives in-game.


This is a great example of NFT being used in real world application and solving some common issues, but also bringing some new things to the table. Those new things being bulletproof proof of ownership, authenticity, rarity, and eliminating duping.


How many bitknives exist?

At this time only two bitknives exist. Bitknife #1 is a damascus + san mai cleaver code named The Block Reaver, you can see it here:


Bitknife #2 code named Raptoshi is complete and is now awaiting its laser scan. Raptoshi is a truly amazing blade! 15N20 & 1095 Damascus cladding (1500 layers) with a Nitro V core (San Mai). The handle scales are Mokume Gane (copper + brass). A truly amazing piece of craftsmanship. Here is Raptoshi:



Bitknife #3 is currently in the forging process, and is a Tanto which I have named “Zangetsu”. Check out this video of Zangetsu in the design phase:



Zangetsu is an epic build requiring the forging of special tools specifically for its forging and finishing processes, and so a time consuming and intensive build. Stay tuned for more videos as the build progresses!

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