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“I looked below where darkness grew from soils devoid of hope and knew, the barren fields of want I saw were visions.”Raptor by Ian Cunnold

What a year it has been! We transitioned from testnet to mainnet back in February and now we stand with strong posture, ready for the new year with many developments in progress both from the community and our team bringing excitement all around into 2022.

We have featured on mainstream news platforms numerous times with Binarai & BigPiggy expanding our outreach across the world by onboarding national language speaking social managers/translators to the team. They created branded platforms for the content to flow through including Indonesia, Russia, China, Netherlands, Finland, France, Spain, South America, Turkey and more. This allows any updates and articles to be promptly distributed around the world as they happen without the barrier of language.

You may all have noticed that the Stacy wallet bot has been reworked by Tri and Legion as we were seeing issues in regards to discord blocking its operation and causing issues in confirmations for users. Stacy is now decommissioned and is replaced by 2 bots with [WalletNotify aka Mom Pocket] handling the confirmation updates, and [MasterWalletBot-aka Stacy’s Mom] handling the interactions. You will be able to use the same commands with the new bot as usual.

We are also pleased to say that Legion and Tri have successfully eradicated the bot issue during the end of the bi-weekly Raptoreum Trivia when Binarai and other users ‘rain’ RTM coins. They detected IP similarities in user accounts and incorporated changes in the stacy ‘rain’ algorithm which removes the last commented active user payout and incorporates a more randomized system of operation.  If you are an RTM Trivia veteran, you will have already seen the changes in the positivity of the community during that time, and for all the new users to that area, we welcome you to a more inclusive experience.

Thank you to you all for your votes on the major blockchain aggregators and various competitions, we are consistently the top coin on CoinMarketLeague, and your continued upvotes and support on sites like, Coinbase and Coinmarketcap certainly help us show that we mean serious business 🙂 And you did see Coinbase giving a how to purchase RTM guide! We cannot honestly thank you all enough for your support over the last year, some of you 3 years with your faith in our vision to deliver on our goals.  From day 1, we always believed that there was just something special about Raptoreum, I think it just had that vibe about it, that right moment, right people kind of thing, community included, and seeing the vibe reciprocated has been incredible.

XMRig and XMRrigCC both Added support for Raptoreum mining –
It’s nice to see Raptoreum on popular miners like the XMRig family, and we thank Sech1 and Bendr0id for supporting the project and working on this integration.

*Community member Zlata-Amaranth has created a Chibi Raptoreum sticker project which is available at OpenSea here –   If you like the art, support the artist and own it.  We are looking forward to issuing assets on chain very soon, and will be working with teams on building a marketplace and other systems around this.

Site 2.0 progress, where are we, our aims, and unity on project –

The Raptoreum 2.0 website is progressing steadily, the layout, ideas, and skills shown by the community members is amazing. There is currently no ETA as it is a large and complex project. I can say though that I don’t think you will be able to call it a website, it will be more of a highly visual “experience” that gives you all the information you need while firmly cementing the image of the coin well into the future.

If you didn’t see the clue in our recent news update, we have initiated work on a project with DRMatrix and OKprogrammer (and maybe more), which aims to be a cutting edge MMORPG (fantasy) being developed from scratch specifically for RTM. This game which is still unnamed is currently being developed in UE4, but will switch over to UE5 when Unreal announces that UE5 is production ready.

This game is being developed for the following reasons:

  • A fun and interactive way to interact with the Raptoreum blockchain.
  • Showcase multiple real world use cases for Raptoreum.
  • Build a full in-game economy which runs on Raptoreum. 
  • Become a Metaverse?
  • Developing P2E well outside the currently used ecosystems.

A great example of this is bringing Bitknives into the game. Bitknives are unique hand forged knives which you can purchase at our store or through auctions. These are forged by our very own @CryptoSmith (Discord). These knives have a very detailed laser scan which allows us to also create a detailed virtual replica / model of each knife. The model can then be taken into the game by the owner.

Once assets are ready the owner can be shown as the verified owner of the knife and the knife itself can be shown as unique and the legitimate replica of the physical blade. These weapons could also at that point be cross platform. As well as adding a completely new dimension to P2E as well as providing a real world connection for NFTs!

Here is an example of a real bitknife and its virtual replica:


The Raptoreum Spanish community is growing rapidly, so our Spanish team has created a dedicated discord just for it.

Collateral for Raptoreum full SmartNodes successfully increased from 1,250,000 RTM to 1,500,000 RTM at block 220720 on January 5th. Any nodes that didn’t meet the minimum collateral requirements have not been included in the emission since that date.  It is to be noted that external shared node providers such as iNodez and Raptor Nodes provided a quick rebalancing of their nodes as part of their service. The heads up regarding collateral increase is more aimed towards those hosting their own.  The final node collateral increase will take place at block 264721 totaling 1,800,000 RTM per node and marking the completion of a successful deployment of the initial distributed RTM network.

What is Raptoshii?

A Twitter bot that can incentivize tweets VIA hashtags (#) and mentions (@).

Message the bot on twitter here:

Get him to list commands and information by sending “help” in DM. Raptoshii is in beta. Please do not keep large amounts of RTM on him. Please report any bugs to [email protected].

Development news – Development on RaptoreumCore continues at a steady pace. Currently being worked on is the rebase from DASH 15 to DASH 17. The development is vital to Raptoreum’s aspirations, and future goals. This has been going very well and has been a substantial amount of work. This rebase is nearing completion at which point it will be moved to ‘test-net’ for testing.

The Raptoreumcore wallet has also been subject to makeover (QT), in regards to look, layout, and a brand new Futures section added in line for the upcoming release.

An updated version of the Futures code will also soon be available on testnet. The next 1-2 months will see an intensive round of testing on ‘test-net’ with incentives for participation offered by the team or the community.

We are including futures again on the testnet as we want to deploy both the rebase and futures simultaneously avoiding a second unnecessary hardfork.

We were featured on a Billboard in Finland here:

Approaching a 40,000 follower community outreach including almost 8800 at Twitter EN and 12,600 at Main Discord. We believe that our fully organic, down to earth, no bots and no corners cut attitude to the marketing of the project is vital to a stable growth. What you see is what you get with Raptoreum, and everything is done in-house with real work by real people, everyday. Lead by Binarai, we are poised to absolutely demolish 2022 with our strong team, and as you can see from the immense growth at all accounts, it seems that our marketing is firing on all cylinders indeed.

AtomicDex RTM integration – AtomicDEX is a secure wallet and non-custodial decentralized exchange rolled into one application. Many DEXs in the blockchain space today aren’t genuinely non-custodial since user funds placed in liquidity pools are constantly exposed to impermanent loss, rug pulls, and vampire attacks. AtomicDEX, in contrast, avoids these issues by using decentralized P2P order books.

Raptoreum Docs update? New Blog design? The new Raptoreum docs site is now live! A big thank you to RustyLumberjack for all the work he has done and continues to do on this.

►Old docs still available at »

CK Santos has made an unofficial RTM Merch Store. There are some nice items on there including some created by Binarai and Zlata-Amaranth (with full permissions), and now live with our recent checkout integration below! As we understand, all profits go back to producing more clothing and designs.  Check the store out here

The team were celebrating when we finally got added to as this opens up Raptoreum to be used on millions of online shops worldwide, quickly and easily. No coding knowledge is required. Users can also tip/donate to streamers and other areas on sites such as Twitch.  Charlie will be making detailed guides on how anybody can setup their own online store and use Raptoreum as a payment.



Raptoreum never sleeps, as per usual!

Lets go 2022 >>

The Raptoreum Team.

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