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“If you follow the herd, people may mistake you for a cow.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo


It has been too long since my last update post, and quite a lot has happened, steady progress and lots of exciting news and milestones. Grab a coffee or a beer and have a read 🙂


— April 16 Arwed, winner of the Damascus Blockchain keyring Smartnode draw, gives 1/2 of his winnings (300k RTM) to the other 10 participants. RTM community is second to none!

— May 2  Community member Revvz releases a RTM mining video:

— May 5 Community member Cyrik releases a RTM mining video:

— May 5 Binarai releases “From Egg To Mainnet With Binarai” video:

— May 17 Raptoreum Twitter account hits 1000 followers.

— May 17 Vibin6up starts offering shared Smartnodes on Discord. His service now hosts over 100 Smartnodes!

— May 17 CunningCents releases a RTM wallet and mining video:

— May 19 Raptoreum welcomes TheBaguetteNibbler to the team.

— May 25 Rutabaga releases video of real time transactions inside Raptorcraft

— May 25 Crypto Hunter releases a video going over Raptoreum in Korean:

— May 31 Raptoreum is listed on DappOnline:

— June 01 MC03 is welcomed to the Raptoreum team on Discord.

— June 07 socialruins opens

— June 08 Jonny80 wins Charlies 50K RTM wallet challenge, it was tough but he persevered!

— June 12 Raptoreums Nethash (CPU only) reaches a new ATH of 3.5MH/s.

— June 15 iNodez opens up their website to the public.

— June 17 Raptoreum rain week begins. Plan was to rain 300K RTM over one week, this ended up being closer to 600k with the community getting into the spirit and making things really really wet. Some fun torrential downpours:

Vibin6up 50k

Charlie 50k+1

— June 17 Russian YouTuber AlienXenoMorphus releases how to get start with mining RTM (Russian):

June 18 The first ever bitknife completes the forging process, code named “Bit Reaver” this bitknife sold out immediately after being added to the shop. You can see it here:

June 19 Community member Madline releases a Raptoreum desktop wallpaper pack (sweet): (waiting for him to give me updated link)

June 21 Ultra rare Salmon leather inlay Raptoreum wallets appear on the shop:

June 25 HomeGrownCrypto releases video on wallet setup + miner setup:

July 12 Raptoreums smart contract paper is released:

July 12 Cunning Cents releases a new Raptoreum mining video going over the CPU miner 1.1.7 update:

July 13 Arthur Geier releases video comparing RTM and RVN:

July 13 Arthur Geier releases video going over RTM and why he thinks it is interesting:

July 17 Community starts to donate funds to help pay for new exchange listings. The support is outstanding, you can see for yourself on the following addresses:

RTM: RWVeE4C9R6wnaguddfeN62T3pQYFULmAne
BTC: 15AdQs3RxsxJg7CXKo8iKHBXj5edenYpe4
ETH: 0x5FDa0985B395Ca551B063838bA73F3bC3108Da00
USDT-ETH: 0x40f6ff1861004495ca5b745e676141cc92cd86eb
USDT-TRX: TFti8x8vrPCevD9ifkPSV8qJqe31dorWeL

July 17 New CPU miner release by Ausminers and Delgon:

July 18 Arthur Geier releases video “Utility matters (Raptoreum)”:

July 19 We surpass 100k blocks and break 2k Discord members.

July 25 Almol opens

August 01 Chad – [Raptor-Nodes] opens his Raptoreum shared node service.

August 05 Raptoreum is listed on Dex-Trade.

August 05 We break 300k transactions on the network.

August 05 Shadow Crypto releases video on the RTM > Dex-Trade listing:

August 08 HomeGrownCrypto releases video on how and why to compile the RTM CPU miner from source:

August 09 Raptoreum is listed on Graviex.

August 09 Michael Rainwater releases Medium article on the Raptoreum Graviex listing:

August 11 Raptoreum is listed on TradeOgre.

August 12 SouthXchange holds a 100k RTM giveaway on their Discord.

August 12 Rabid Mining releases video on how to mine Raptoreum:

August 16 Mad Electron Engineering releases New CPU Coin!! How To Mine Raptoreum On HiveOS!!

August 19 Raptoreum is listed on

August 19 The first ever “Zavox Conundrum” held on Discord, it was tough but somebody got it eventually.

August 20 Raptoreum added to zelcore.

August 21 Shadow Crypto releases video on Raptoreum in Zelcore:

August 24 Rabid Mining releases a Raptoreum

A few other things that have happened so far this August: We broke previous nethash ATH, trading volume ATH, and Smartnode count ATH. Also the community marketing drive has began in earnest.


The Raptoreum Community

The community continues to grow and one of the really great things is how it is maintaining its friendliness and helpfulness with constant contributions. New people to Discord are welcomes and supported when they ask for help. Usually with growth comes drama but so far we have had very little of it. I know I sound like a broken record but our community is truly one of the best if not the best in Crypto. Thank you all for your contributions and support!

I wanted to do a community mentions section but after sitting down and going through Discord I realized it would be a massive task and much beyond what I can muster for time, there are just too many outstanding community members, what a great problem to have!


What Are We Working On?

  • Futures are the main focus of development and are very close to being ready for open testing on testnet.
  • The docs site will be moved onto a github repository so anybody can contribute as they want.
  • Community marketing drive is gaining momentum and will be a focus over the next couple of months. This is expansive and covers many different things, you can see the document here (WIP):
  • Assets paper (Vibin6up).
  • Spark cluster testing.
  • High availability on some resources such as the explorer.


Promotional Materials Contributions

There have been some amazing contributions, I will list them here for everybody to easily see and find. If you have made a contribution and I miss you please reach out to me on Discord so I can add you here.


By Raptured



By DJ_Patron_



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