“Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.”

– Milton Friedman

We all know which program that ^ is.

Despite the difficulties from lock-down and less than cooperative authorities we are slowly making some headway on the overall project.

  • Monday, we filed for incorporation in Malaysia for the company we will use to operate the WeUseRtm traceability platform. Monday, the 18th that whole process should have been completed and we can get rolling on the next stages of WeUseRtm.


  • On testnet, things are slower than what we would have liked and what we had planned for. I had secured the assistance of two excellent Chinese C++ programmers, who were supposed to join me here in Malaysia, for a couple of months, to get us launch ready. That got shafted when Malaysia introduced their own version of lock down the Movement Control Order. Trying to run a multi lingual team spread into multiple time zones with me being the only really bilingual person on the team is not feasible given my current lack of internet etc.


  • In light of the above, things are slowed down. What we can promise is there will be news on the next testnet with Service nodes implemented on the 25th.


We have in addition to the above managed to secure an additional participant for the WeUseRtm tokenization and traceability platform a specialty supplier of swiftlet birds nets for the Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese market. I will be sharing  usecase article on that over the next week or so.

Thanks for hanging in there!

On behalf of the Raptoreum team, Bigpiggy01

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