“He’s not safe, but he’s good!”
― C. S. Lewis (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)

Ok, we promised news on the 25th and did share some on discord voice chat but time has been in horribly short supply. The team has two babies due this month and a third “baby” in the 1st week of July.

Most of you are probably more interested in the one due in the 1st week of July as that will be TN4 with deterministic nodes. Not quite 100% of the features but getting us one last step from mainnet.

Prior to TN4 we should have the Weusertm platform up and running so we can begin onboarding vendors to experiment with issuing traceability tokens on our testnet. Additionally on the platform, the company we will be using to run the platform is now operational and registered in Malaysia.

Till we get past both babies being delivered, all I can promise is:

  1. Formal updates like this one will be infrequent as babies jobs etc.
  2. There will be a couple of weekly voice sessions on Discord where you can keep up to date on us not having run off with Stacy’s Mom,
  3. I will make some noise before each voice session.

Otherwise stay safe out there in this currently fucked up world.


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