Welcome to the Raptoreum mainnet!

You can find wallets here: https://raptoreum.com/latest/

Cpu miner can be found here: https://github.com/npq7721/cpuminer-gr/releases/tag/1.2.0

Rplant should soon have an initial optimized miner available.


FYI as the race is on to get some of the first nodes up and working. Smartnode reward payouts will not be active till the network has 10 reachable smartnodes for the the very simple reason that that part of the network needs to be able to check and verify itself before it can perform the functions the rest of the network pay if for performing. 10 is the minimum reasonably secure quorum size using bls signatures for dkg.

Instant send and private send are off until we have enough Smartnodes for them to work correctly.

Questions etc are all welcome about this on the Discord or Telegram.




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