A Few Notes

  • We will not start sending out Raptoreum for IOUs until 72 hours after mainnet launch.
  • Addresses owed RTM coins are randomly selected each day for payouts.
  • If an address cannot be fully paid out, it is first in line the following day.
  • You must send us the IOUs to receive your RTM coins.


How To Claim

You must have your IOUs in a wallet that supports sending them. The RVN core wallet is the only one that supports this at this time.

1.) Send your IOUs to: RFCYrsVXfq6G3TtV7jbYMKQxXiATs4zsUm (send them all at once).

2.) Create a RTM receiving address in your Raptoreum wallet (mainnetrelease).

3.) Sign a message with the RVN address that you received your IOUs on. The message is to be your Raptoreum receiving address from step 2.

4.) DM me on Discord: Your RVN address, signature, RTM address in the message, and transaction ID.


How To Sign

First thing you need is the RVN address which you received your Raptoreum IOUs on. If you do not know it, you can get it by checking received transactions, find the transaction > right click > copy address. (this is for RVN core wallet).

Now in your RVN wallet go to file > sign message. In the top field enter your RVN address from the first step, in  the large box underneath that enter your Raptoreum address and only your Raptoreum address.

Click Sign Message and copy the generated signature. Message me on Discord or Telegram and give me the signature, RVN address, message (rtm address), and transaction ID. I will verify and let you know if all good. 


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