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What is a Futures Transaction?

A futures transaction is the ability to send Raptoreum coins or a potential asset created on the Raptoreum blockchain to another wallet but have the balance unlock based on a ‘future’ timestamp or block height.

Potential Use cases In Feathered Futures

An Apartment will be coming up for rent 3 months from todays date, you want to rent it at current price assuring there will be no price increase. The building owner agrees to lock it in but needs assurance that you will indeed pay for it in 3 months. Futures asset transaction is sent to landlords RTM Asset address for full amount set to unlock at an exact timestamp in 3 months time.

A Father would like to give his son some RTM to help with living costs while at university, but would rather his son receive a smaller amount every month so he doesn’t spend it all at once. Futures are sent to his sons RTM address to unlock each month thereafter.

A Cloud Mining Contract is funded and terminated based on a futures transaction of a set RTM blockchain height. After an initial collateralized contract starts, it is ‘topped’ up with an additional futures transaction at the the initial contract expiry time in order to keep the service running without a hitch.

A Cloud Server is collateralized with RTM and then set to auto renew on the date of expiry with a futures transaction.

A Selection of Laser Scanned NFT Assets created by a famous game studio upon the Raptoreum chain are – set to release to subscribers in stages based on time locked futures transactions distributing much anticipated content automatically, securely and on time.

A Python based Smart Contract is deployed on an RTM SmartNode by a third party project built on the Raptoreum chain and is connected to a users app. When the users’ account reaches a birthday timestamp it executes premade futures transactions which are periodically taken from a fraction of the app subscription fee – rewarding the user for continued use of the app while unlocking additional features and fee rates automatically.

A Leading PR News Platform (which recently integrated traditional operations into the RTM blockchain through smart contracts in languages it was already involved in)  – notified its close advertising partners that it will release a news article that will prove to be very popular.

It deploys futures timeslots to its clients for pre approved advertisements on the page of the upcoming article whom bid to fill on its decentralized digital advertising real estate marketplace dapp. If they win the bid,  they connect their wallet and submit their advert along with the required collateral of the RTM Chain created PRNEWS token.

Sending through the app initiates a futures based smart contract which carries the data of its initiation, its duration, its content and its collateral amount allowing the whole process to happen automatically by directly connecting the action of creation with the reaction or result.


With futures already fully coded at Raptoreum protocol level, the scope of potential development and creativity is extremely broad when combined with the activation of upcoming smart contracts in common languages such as Java, Python and Scala.  Raptoreum is building the tools for the next generation. 

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