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GhostRider”: A mix of algorithms that revolutionize Proof of Work

Introducing “GhostRider,” the ground-breaking hashing algorithm that is reshaping the world of cryptography and cryptocurrency mining. This energy-efficient algorithm emerges as a winged colossus, leading an army of raptors.

GhostRider is a game-changer in the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. Its efficient design and optimized performance make it a preferred choice among miners seeking both profitability and sustainability. By leveraging GhostRider, miners can achieve remarkable energy efficiency without compromising on the hashing power required for successful mining.

The algorithm’s adaptability allows it to mine RTM and various other cryptocurrencies that utilize the GhostRider algorithm. This versatility has attracted a wide range of miners, eager to capitalize on the algorithm’s exceptional performance and its potential to unlock profitable mining opportunities.

GhostRider’s impact on the cryptocurrency mining landscape cannot be understated. With its energy-efficient approach and support for multiple cryptocurrencies, it represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of sustainable and equitable mining practices. As the industry continues to evolve, GhostRider remains at the forefront, reshaping the way miners approach Proof of Work and paving the way for a more efficient and inclusive mining ecosystem.


From the glorious Generation X, born in the United States with evident Asian roots, TRI has changed the game rules of POW cryptocurrency mining, leaving clear rules of equality. Some miners say that GhostRider is the “ice” algorithm, due to the low temperatures that CPUs achieve when mining RTM.

When it comes to cryptocurrency mining, energy efficiency is a crucial factor to consider. That’s why the GhostRider algorithm is such a popular choice among miners worldwide. Unlike other algorithms like SHA-256 or Scrypt, GhostRider consumes much less energy and puts less strain on mining device CPUs.

So how does GhostRider achieve this impressive feat? Well, it all comes down to the way it handles mining data and performs cycles. GhostRider is made up of a variety of different algorithms, some of which are low-power and others are medium-power. Together, they result in a lower workload on mining devices and require less energy to perform mining.

This energy efficiency has some amazing benefits. For one, it frees up your CPU to be used for other activities, whether that’s normal use in your day-to-day life or mining other cryptocurrencies using other hardware components like a GPU, SSD, or RAM. This makes GhostRider an ideal option for multi-mining, as you can use a single hardware device to mine different coins and maximize your profitability.

In short, GhostRider is a powerful and energy-efficient algorithm that’s well worth considering if you’re looking to get into cryptocurrency mining. It’s an excellent choice for both novice and experienced miners alike. To sum it up, the low energy consumption, minimal strain on CPUs, and effectiveness for multi-mining make GhostRider an excellent choice for miners looking to maximize profitability while keeping operating costs low. With GhostRider, you can use your hardware device to mine different coins, freeing up your CPU for other activities without sacrificing efficiency.

Whether you’re a seasoned miner or just starting out, GhostRider’s energy efficiency and versatility are hard to beat. So if you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to mine cryptocurrency, GhostRider is definitely worth considering.


Ghostrider is a collection of algorithms used to achieve consensus in the generation and transaction of coins on the blockchain. In simple terms, it is a combination of the RVN hash algorithm “x16r” and the “CryptoNight” algorithm family from Monero/Bytecoin.

This hash algorithm is not only unique, but also highly effective, as it combines memory and core intensity at an unprecedented scale. This amalgamation is capable of stimulating new waves of development and glorious combinations.

Tri Nguyen, from Raptoreum’s Core team, is its inventor. Tri is a developer who has been working on Blockchain since 2016, specializing in Apache Spark and Proof of Work algorithms. The team is committed to making FPGA and ASIC attacks on the chain obsolete through forks, new custom rotations, along with anything else that may be necessary.

The x16r algorithm family is more or less computationally intensive, benefiting GPU miners, while CryptoNight contributes memory intensity, which can be thought of as “intermediate” calculations on the way to a result. Combining memory and core intensive algorithms at this level of scale will favour CPU/GPU miners over FPGAs and ASICs, as both scale better.

Although ASICs are the big bad guy in the story due to their centralization, they are also very expensive to design and implement, and currently, given public information about ASIC scaling and design, additional hash implementations that must be included on each chip raise costs quite exponentially. The team is fully committed to performing forks, adding additional algorithms or implementations to the mix at the first sign of ASICs on the chain, immediately making them obsolete.

Regarding FPGAs, implementing features that slow down FPGA processing limits their use in Ghostrider. Additionally, FPGAs have limited capacity to store hashing implementations on the boards themselves while they run. Currently, several boards must be connected in a chain to implement x16r alone. Adding the 8/9 additional members of the CryptoNight family to that mix would significantly increase the number of boards needed to implement the algorithm, limiting interest in FPGAs, as the entry cost point would become very high. Similar to ASICs, the team is fully committed to making FPGA attacks on the chain obsolete through new customized rotations, and whatever else is necessary.

GhostRider is a unique and effective amalgam of hash algorithms that benefits CPU/GPU miners and limits the use of ASICs. To conclude, I firmly believe that GhostRider is a 100% effective solution to the centralization problems that have been the most aggressive cancer in achieving the equality dreamed of by SATOSHI NAKAMOTO, and it is the path to true equality in the distribution of mining rewards. With this new algorithm, cryptocurrency mining can be more accessible to everyone, regardless of their hardware. Additionally, the combination of x16r and CryptoNight has resulted in a technology that can drive the development of new technologies in cryptocurrency mining throughout the blockchain industry.

Ghostrider is a step forward in cryptocurrency mining and is a technology that is driving decentralization and justice in the industry. While no one can be completely sure what the future holds, GhostRider is one of the most exciting innovations in todays field of cryptocurrency and cryptographic mining at this time.

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Alejandro M

Head of the Raptoreum Spanish Team