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What a journey it has been! When we first started Raptoreum back in November 2018 I would have never guessed just what was in store, here is a quick summary of how things have went.

  • November 2018 the project was made public.
  • March 14 2019 the first official testnet release.
  • March 16 2019 the first Lightpaper was released.
  • April 25th 2019 the Ghostrider algorithm went live on Testnet stage 2.
  • July 20th 2019 testnet stage 3 begins.
  • September 11th 2019 cpuminer and pooled mining begins.
  • February 27 2020 testnet stage 4 starts.
  • October 2nd 2020 we announce a new testnet codenamed The DASH to mainnet. This saw us drop the RVN codebase and move over to the DASH codebase and integrate the Ghostrider algorithm and other changes / features we had previously added.
  • January 24th 2021 the final stage of testnet begins.


RTM was born in the worst Crypto winter even known and survived even flourished during a time where many projects were shuttered, the bears were strong, but we were stronger.

During this time we have been fortunate to have a strong and very supportive community that has stuck with is patiently through as far as I know one of the longest testnets in Crypto history, thank you!!


So when is RTM mainnet launch?

February 26th 2021!

What about my RTM IOUs?

We had originally talked about automating the trade in of IOUs to RTM, but due to the issues / exploits RVN has had we instead will do it manually. To claim your IOUs you must send them back to a RVN address that we will release in the very near future, then sign with the sending address.

The IOU Claiming Process

  • Check your received transactions for the address which you received your IOUs on and record it (right click copy address).
  • Send your IOUs to the RVN address we supply.
  • Sign a message with the address you recorded in step one.

To sign with an address in the QT wallet go to File > Sign message.



Enter the address from step one in the address field and in the large box underneath put the RTM address where you want to receive RTM coins. Click Sign Message” and email the signature to [email protected]

Raptoreum addresses that are owed RTM will be randomly drawn daily and sent what is owed, please note that we are allocating X? amount of RTM daily for paying out what is owed. If an address is owed more than that amount, the remainder will be paid the next time it is drawn. IOU payouts will begin 48 hours after mainnet launch.

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