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It has been a long wait, but we did it properly, and that’s all that matters.

Raptoreum Testnet 4 is finally here and with taking consideration the amount of work involved in this iteration of the Raptoreum chain by our developers over the last several months, we felt it was needed to produce a blog post that highlighted the work involved and the updates to the chain. So lets get right to it.

Download it here : RTMFuturesTestnet4

Changes, Fixes, and Features

This is a large two stage update which brings our RTM codebase up from DASH 15 to DASH 17 as well as providing multiple RTM specific features in stage one. Stage two will be bringing multiple changes on how RTM binaries operate. Too many changes and fixes to list so will just give a very general and brief list including RTM specific changes and features. Links to DASH release notes at bottom if you want all the details on those.

Stage 1:

Raptoreum Specific Changes

Futures code: Input selection. Futures transactions no longer require the manual selection of specific inputs to use. Remember the clunky menu from testnet 3 for selecting inputs, that is gone and the only difference between a future tx and a regular tx is setting the lock time.

Integrate future transaction creation into send (remove Future tab). No more need for an extra window in the wallet, just a tick box and you now have a fuller range of timelocked transaction options!

GUI bug fixes: SmartNode lists sorting properly. Transactions from “Watchonly” addresses display correctly. Bug with different tables in the wallet not sorting correctly!

Performance improvements: Introduction of POW powercaching which speeds up sync by several orders of magnitude. Initial sync will still be slow but anything post that is now drastically improved. This will after some slight additional testing replace the ubiquitous bootstrap that many of you have used to speed up the download of chainfiles with. The speed up will be significant!

UI changes and optimizations. Changes to how the qt wallet loads tables so those of you with a lot of mining inputs should have less wait time while scrolling through them!

Add hard fork block for futures. An on switch for timelocked transactions in terms of code activation.

Add Futures disable option (SPORK). An on/off switch for timelocked transactions, switching the feature on and off.

Added Fee adjustment spork for futures and upcoming asset layer. The ETH GAS bug fix, with this spork and its subspork transaction fees for futures and assets can be adjusted up or down inside a ten minute window!

RTM/DASH 15 > 17 Notes

Network fixes and performance improvements resulting in less load, greater efficiency across nodes / Smartnodes. Nodes using newer code should see fewer PoSe bans by the implementation of Intra Quorum Connections!

Improvements to PrivateSend mixing algorithm. Improvements under the hood to make it more efficient.

Increased privacy and security for PrivateSend. Confidently mix it up if needed.

PrivateSend is now CoinJoin. Describes its functionality better and aligning with industry terminology.

Various RPC changes and additions including new Dash specific and backported Bitcoin commands createwallet/getaddressbylabel/gataddressinfo/getmqnotifications/listlabels/masternode payments/quorum getdata/unloadwallet/verifychainlock amongst others.

Various CLI changes and additions including -dip8params/-llmw-data-recovery/-llmq-qvvec-sync/-platform-user/-statsenabled/-statshost/-statsport amongst others 

Build system and depends upgrades. Multiple packaged in ‘depends’ have been updated while libX11, libXext, xextproto and xtrans are no longer used.

Python 2 has been discontinued for all tests and tools. As supporting old versions of Python prevents the community from moving on with the times.

Opcode updates. These have been introduced to broaden the functionality of the system and enable developers to build new solutions.

Crash fixes.

Added translations.

Dash Release Notes
– Dash 16.0.1 (major release):
– Dash 16.1.0 (minor release):
– Dash 16.1.1 (minor release):
– Dash 17.0.2 (major release):

Stage 2:

Raptoreum Specific under the hood changes:

• Update crc32c subtree (ref: bitcoin/[email protected])
• Update univalue subtree (ref: bitcoin/[email protected])
• Update leveldb subtree (ref: bitcoin/[email protected])
• refactor: depends build env
• refactor: build configuration (comply with autotools 2.69)
• Integrate univalue into our build system (ref: bitcoin/[email protected])
• crc32c build system integration (ref: bitcoin/[email protected])
• fixed placeholders at QT
• Support to checking HW functions at compile-time
• Support for HW 256-bit RNG (where available)

This is a fairly massive update to how binaries operate and thread during operation, and will give RTM a considerable boost and finally sets the foundation for assets and smart contracts through the power of an extremely economical distributed SmartNode system showing that we truly are serious in our actions at project Raptoreum.

We should see this hit mainnet pretty soon providing we don’t see too many snags.

The Raptoreum Team

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