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There is currently a donation drive happening, you can see the announcement and information in the following screen, from our Discord:


There is a bit more too it but that is the meat of it. Community member and Bladesmith CryptoSmith has forged out a beautiful blade to help with the donation pool effort. This knife will go up for auction today, and 100% of the Raptoreum raised by this auction he will put in the donation pool. Thank you CryptoSmith, as well as all of the community that has been helping with this effort.

This knife which CryptoSmith has named “Falcons Edge” is also a bitknife (#3). What does that mean? Bitknives are something we are creating with the help of CryptoSmith to showcase a real use case for assets (NFT) on the Raptoreum chain. Once assets are available on mainnet these knives with their virtual copies will have a NFT created for them and sent to the knife owner.

Each bitknife is laser scanned and an exact virtual replica is supplied. The virtual replica can be brought into the upcoming MMORPG we are developing (Winterborn) and used ingame should the owner be a player. Also note that the Winterborn game will be integrated with Raptoreum.

Here are some pictures of Falcons Edge creation, and finish:


Falcons Edge Stats


7.5” blade 12.75” overall

1095 high carbon blade steel

Black g10 front quillion guard

Stabilized black curly Maple handle.

Number made: 1.

The Auction

Auction will begin in our Discord today, we will announce it there when it begins. You MUST be in our Discord to participate!

Raptoreum Discord:

Channel for bids: #bidding (bids only no chat)

Starting Bid: 30k RTM.

The auction will end on February 23rd at 11;59PM UTC.

Good luck everybody!

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