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Raptoreum MMORPG – The Plan

Raptoreum community i am DrMatrix, the current lead game developer of the Raptoreum MMORPG.

I am a full stack developer and believe that decentralization within games is the future.
My work experience is quite extensive, Ive worked for a large gaming studio where I was a core developer, on one of the worlds largest MMORPG – World of Warcraft from 2007 to 2011. I have also been involved in Blockchain since 2015.

It is extremely exciting that the plans are already underway. After many ideas and end goals were discussed between the founders of Raptoreum Charlie and BigPiggy and myself, the decision was made to begin development. As Charlie has hinted on our community discord, – Choosing a name for the game is underway and has not yet been picked. Over a 100 names and ideas have been emailed to Charlie, thank you for those submissions 🙂 
The game is in very early stages, we expect a lengthy and thorough development and by involving the community in shaping the direction of the game throughout its birth will be beneficial to its success.


We are currently planning some of the core essentials for the Raptoreum MMORPG, which include integrating the RTM blockchain plus full integration of the RTM Wallet and necessary functionality which is going to be important for the foundation of what we’re trying to do. Part of the plan is to utilize Raptoreum as the overall ecosystem of the game. For example, instead of ‘Gold’ you have ‘RTM’ in your inventory, which then would be used for various things, such as trading, buying, selling, renting a clan hall, paying for buffs, etc etc.. Mobs, raids, quests can all drop and/or reward the RTM digital currency. The plan is to create real life quality assets such as Bitknives and other objects, then laser model those for game use items and create a NFT on the Raptoreum blockchain representing that very item and its originality. In this case, Bitknives would be very rare compared to standard raid or dungeon items and a real life knife would get you the NFT in the game. By registering these items ‘on chain‘, this allows not only the ownership of the item to be verified in and out of game, but the virtual replica is tied to the physical item in reality. The options are endless and we are looking forward to posting further updates and news on integration as development progresses. We are currently working on an a full scale open world divided by race and starter area’s.

You could help write the story…

I believe RTM has one of the best communities out there and we need your help in creating ‘the lore‘ for the Raptoreum MMORPG. If you see yourself as a talented writer with a great imagination and well versed in the lore of kingdoms such as dark elves, elves, orcs, dwarves, and such, then we need you.
Another important step to quality game design is player feedback, since it’s you who will be playing the game in the future.
I have never been so excited to get started on a game than now with the Raptoreum team.
In the next 24 hours Charlie will create a post in the Raptoreum Discord in #bounties looking for the communities help in building the base of the game (lore, quest stories, etc).

Stay Tuned for more!


(The above image is taken from our project in Unreal Engine)


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