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Feathered for Growth

We have huge aspirations to take the next important steps needed for the growth of Raptoreum into the new cycles and beyond, and one of those steps is incorporation. 

Feathered Corp is created by RTM Core Team members – Paul Mills and David Morris (aka Binarai & BigPiggy01), and was needed in order to move forward with progressing major Raptoreum partnerships with some of the largest exchanges in the world requiring the Raptoreum project to have a permanent base. After months of research on location, Seychelles was chosen as it is free from stifling regulations that hinder and hamper innovation, without any tradition of regulatory overreach, and also the tax status of an IBC there provides an unfettered environment in which we can grow the project as well as handle any potential IP issues that may or may not arise. Now that this is in place, we are excited to be able to do things and make connections like we never have before. We called it ‘Feathered’ as this allows us to stretch our wings into multiple growth areas for the Raptoreum project allowing interconnections under one umbrella.  In a time of uncertainty, larger players in the field are looking for trust in a team and accountability in order to support projects due to the lessons learnt from the previous cycle and the bad choices of select coins. With our upcoming code releases and projects that are already building on our blockchain, it is important that nothing holds us back from realizing our goals in providing a full suite of tools for the worlds community of developers, and clearing the road legally for a bump in market cap standings with all the juicy bits that come along with that.

Raptoreum is deep in our hearts and we have always done everything by the book.  We never have, and will never cut a single corner to achieve short term success. We believe in the long term game where true value shines in real, organic work conducted by the team and the community.  Even in the darkest days of the recent weeks of a bear market, our communities have shown to be some of the busiest in the world and we think that is a testament of whats to come.

It is a pleasure to bring this great news to you all – LONG LIVE RAPTOREUM – and a HUGE thanks to Zlata Amaranth for the awesome branding and artwork.


The Raptoreum Team


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