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They are here, friend. And growing more powerful.

-Boba Fett.


A couple of great bounties on Raptoreum Discord came to a close recently, the two bounties were:

1.) The rewriting and vocals of “Up All Night To Get Lucky!” to “Up All Night To Get Salty!” (50k-100k RTM).

2.) Discord Banner (50k-100k RTM).

The participation was truly amazing and once again goes to show just what an amazing community Raptoreum has! Without further ado, here is the winner:

Rewriting of “Up All Night To Get Lucky!” to “Up All Night To Get Salty!” – Raptured (YeagBoi#9868) (Lyrics 100k prize) + Binarai#5814 (vocals no prize).

This was a lot of fun to listen to, I enjoyed it!

The second submission was by andrewbradymusicofficial#4306 and here it is:

Not enough to take the cake this time around Andrew, but stay tuned for future similar bounties! There was also a lyric only submission which is a great read and would love to see somebody turn that into audio!

OKprogrammer [saltyminer] – 22Get_Salty22


Discord Banner Bounty

There were a lot of great submissions and the choice was not an easy one, the Discord bounty winner is: Zavox#3887 (100k RTM)

Congratulations and thank you for the great submission!


Here are the rest of the submissions in no particular order, thank you all for participating!




Raptured (YeagBoi#9868)




socialruins [] (socialruins#8019)






OKprogrammer [saltyminer] (OKprogrammer#5984)


Jebediah Springfield (morphz*_#7707)






IamLegion#7781 (submitted late, not eligible for bounty)


There are some real gems in that list of submissions! You can download the entire pack here: Raptoreum Logo Bounty Pack 2021-07-20

Bounty winners will be paid promptly.

Stay tuned for more bounties!


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