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In the face of challenging market conditions, our unwavering commitment and relentless drive have led us to an exciting milestone that is poised to transform the Raptoreum community and ecosystem: The integration of Raptoreum blockchain assets into our Testnet environment!

As we continue our pursuit of innovation within the blockchain sphere, we understand the significance of providing our community with a dedicated platform for experimentation, testing, and first hand exploration of the future of Raptoreum-based UTXO decentralized finance.

What Are Blockchain Assets on Testnet?

The introduction of RTM assets on Testnet signifies a significant stride in our mission to bolster blockchain adoption and make it accessible to all. Testnet mirrors the real blockchain, allowing users to experiment with tokens, automations, and decentralized applications (dApps) in a risk-free environment.

Key Highlights:

🔐 Secure Exploration: RTM’s Testnet assets ensure secure testing of new concepts, projects, and transactions, devoid of real asset risks.

💡 Playground for Innovation: Developers, businesses, and individuals can harness Testnet assets to explore novel use cases, create dApps, and refine their blockchain solutions in preparation for our Mainnet launch.

🌍 Community Strength: We hold our community’s strength in high regard, and the introduction of blockchain assets to Testnet both rewards and encourages active participation in shaping the future of the Raptoreum blockchain ecosystem.

Notable Improvements:

⚡ Blazing Fast: Sync speed is now many many times quicker with multithreading on header processing, so much in fact that you will never need to use another bootstrap! Its comedy to say this, but the bootstraps may slow you down 🙂

🔰 Codebase Upgrade: The Raptoreum assets testnet is fully upgraded from V17 to V18 Bitcoin code giving a plethora of improvements which can be found here

🔖Assets Code: A huge improvement with transaction decoupling coming very shortly 🙂

When can i use it?: 

Assets code will be useable from RTM Testnet block 411300 along with our comprehensive getting started guide blog post!
Download the Raptoreum Testnet Wallet here: (GitHub)

You’ll soon find available tasks in the #bounties channel at our Discord server, offering Raptoreum rewards upon completion here

Feel free to talk and discuss Assets use cases and any Testnet issues at our dedicated channel here

What Lies Ahead?

In the coming weeks, anticipate updates, educational resources, and opportunities to engage with the community, uncovering the full potential of blockchain assets on the RTM Testnet. We’re collaborating closely with marketplace, NFT, gaming, and node teams to ensure a comprehensive Raptoreum assets ecosystem for users upon launch!

Stay tuned for:

🚀 Workshops, guides, and webinars to maximize your experience with the upcoming assets Mainnet.
🌐 Showcases of innovative projects and use cases crafted within our community.
🤝 Opportunities to connect with fellow blockchain enthusiasts and developers.


We couldn’t be more thrilled about this new chapter in the Raptoreum journey. The future shines brightly, and together, we’ll continue pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in the blockchain technology realm.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community. Your unwavering support and enthusiasm propel us forward, and we eagerly anticipate the remarkable innovations that will emerge from this new Testnet environment ready for our Mainnet.

Let’s embark on this exhilarating journey collectively and etch blockchain history on Testnet!

What will you build?

Warm regards, The Raptoreum Core Team