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It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop


This seems to be a recurring theme as of late, us finding critical bugs in our upstream codebases*, and it has happened yet again. We have discovered during our development a a severe bug in our upstream codebase, it is so serious we will not be commenting or answering questions on it at this time.

upstream codebases* – I have had a few DMs on Discord and it seems some people are missing this part of it. These bugs are not created by our development and originate upstream. Our current upstream codebases are Bitcoin, Ravencoin, DASH, and Monero.



In October we identified a bug and worked with the Ravencoin devs to help get it resolved, you can read more about that in our Raptoreum October 2019 Update. Here is a screen from the Ravencoin Discord:

Ravencoin bug found by Raptoreum


When we set a target date for something like a new testnet stage or mainnet launch it is always tentative, and this is something we have always tried to be completely clear on. We will not rush and release code into production that has not been well tested and audited, we are constantly as a team trying to find holes and issues with the code. Turns out we are exceptionally good at it, much to the dismay of our roadmap! Please don’t ask us about this bug, we will release details on it when it is safe to do so, we also are not setting a date for mainnet at this time. We need to get this resolved and launch TN4 first.


On a more positive note, some of you may have noticed the addition of several bright blue people to the Discord server. They are:

Crypto Core Media - Crypto promotion & Marketing Services

Crypto Core Media (CCMedia) is a multi-media marketing agency specializing in the delivery of tangible solutions for the rapidly growing Cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are partnered with some of the largest news media networks in the world, allowing for cross-border information distribution in any language within a day’s notice. Our executive members possess specific skill sets that allow us to cater to our clients through a wide range of promotional mediums, some of which include merchandising, event planning, article compilation and press releases. Our content delivery mechanism is second to none, our knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is cutting edge and our reach into the crypto publications arena is a model that our competitors try to emulate. From team management to community mobilization, we pride ourselves on our organization skills. This enables you, the client, to focus on your priorities while we do our best work for you; removing the worries and complexities of multi-media marketing and promotions from your team’s agenda.

Representing that team we have the following people onboard:

1. House – has accumulated more than 20 years of experience from managing teams and executing large scale projects both in and out of crypto. He has a particular knack for empowering teams by motivating and mobilizing key players.
CCM roles: Team management, Project management.


2. Lootz – has a charismatic persona perfect for hosting CCM radio. Building on his strength Lootz is also particularly adept at marketing and social media management. Through his past projects he has an impressive contacts list of premium media outlets including direct access to Real-Time and Full-Text feeds via the Associated Press Satellite Network. He has had over 20 years of web design and creation (he is known for setting up entire websites overnight). Lootz is also an expert at SEO optimization. CCM roles: Website design and creator, Radio Interview Host, Social media management, Press releases, contact for premium websites, Publications,
CCM ads, SEO optimization, Real-Time Full-Text feeds via the Associated Press Satellite Network


3. Phoenix – is a master at organizing projects for seamless rollout. His skillsets have been garnered from years of experience coordinating strategies for enterprise businesses. Specific to crypto, has been instrumental in steering teams during early phases and he has played key roles in structuring discord channels and harnessing trello for optimal communications.
CCM roles: Discord organization, Trello management


4. Draeth – has had a storied career and has expertise well-suited for crypto marketing. He has been overseeing teams and implementing business programs for the last 8 years. Draeth also has a particular flair for negotiating. Together with Phoenix, they have had great success in advancing project communications through Trello.
CCM roles: Team management, Project management, Trello management, Negotiations, Custom silver commemorative coins


5. Cryptofist – has been working with projects in the space for 3 years, consulting and working with general businesses for 8 years. As one of the execs of CCM he has a multi-faceted skill set he adds to the team.
CCM roles: Coaching and Consulting (Individual and business), Marketing Creative, Client Relations, Team Empowerment, Social Media Management & Engagement, Video Creative, Graphic Design, Merchandise Co-Ordination


6. DreamTim – has been in the marketing industry for over 20 years and is a well-respected consultant in this field. His aptitude for SEO earned him the nickname “SEO guru” amongst the community. CCM roles: SEO guru, marketing creative


7. Wookie25 – has been in the research field for the last 15 years and has specific finesse in investigative and journalistic writing. He also has a forte in creative marketing articles. Wookie has had over 20 years experience in academia and brings refreshing “out of the box” ideas to the team.
CCM roles: Research analyst and writer, Copywriter, Team editor, Trello management, Press releases, Educational Articles Social media management, “crazy ideas”


8. Maco – is an artist extraordinaire, expert cartoonist, designer and illustrator. His designs speaks for themselves and he stands for freedom in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
CCM roles: Resident creative design manager


A nice big warm welcome to them all from the Raptoreum team, we look forward to seeing where we can go together!

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