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Yesterday Oct. 14th 2019 I held a somewhat impromptu event that turned out to be a lot of fun. Here is what went down, a story of loss, walls hit, and walls smashed where the victor was showered in Raptoreum and the crowd chanted his name Stilger, Stilger, Stilger!!


The Event

Raptoreum has had an ongoing event for many months now called “Lucky Blocks”. Every week there are 5 lucky blocks chosen, and 7 normal blocks, every address that has hit a block during the week is in a pool and addresses randomly chosen. To help people verify if they own a winning address I created for Linux a simple bash script that people can run and it lets them know if they have a winning address. This file also has an archive of old winning addresses. In this file I hid this hash.


The players had to figure out what that hash was for, it is a IPFS hash which leads to this:


So, now they need to login and get the contents of the “info” file which contained:

There has been an asset created on the Raptoreum chain with an ID of <> this ID is the password for an encrypted wallet.dat file that contains 1 million testnet coins. The wallet.dat is located at you must retrieve it and secure the coins before somebody else! HINT: The KEY to the ID is in our Discord. Claiming your prizes: In order to claim your prizes you must DM Charlie on Discord and send him the asset in the wallet!


Great a direct link to the wallet.dat? But there is a twist I stuck a .htaccess rule in that directory that denies all IPs except the VPS that they needed to login, this stumped a couple of people. Stilger the defiant resisted the crushing hopelessness brought on by “403 Forbidden” and with razor sharp whit decided to wget the file from the VPS, and voila it worked!!

The next part of the contest was also pretty tricky and the remaining players became mired in the quagmire of Discord information. Those that persevered and figured out that what they were looking for was the Asset Explorer listed in #information now ran into the heart dropping conundrum “is a name an ID?”.

But not Stilger, oh no, he noticed that when visiting the Asset in the explorer there was a unique ID in the URL:

From there he had everything he needed, and just to give his competitors a little kick in the wahoo he deleted his bash command history so they could not see what he had done.

For his feats of daring do and wahoo kicks Stilger won 1 million testnet coins (10 x lotto draws) and because his war horse must have double horseshoes on he won the max amount of Raptoreum IOU in a random draw of numbers between 1 and 20.


stilger the lucky


Congrats Stilger!



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