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Decentralized Futures on Raptoreum: An Unlimited Path.


In the words of David Owen Morris, leader of the Raptoreum development team, the futures of Raptoreum were described as “A complete implementation of a Bitcoin feature that we have evolved. Bitcoin can perform scheduled transactions, but not directly from the user interface. In Raptoreum, we have created it, and this feature will continue to evolve constantly, limited only by imagination.”

Our society has been limiting the use of futures contracts, adapting to the available tools and options as they evolve, from having to rely on a third party to supposedly guarantee compliance and integrity of an agreement, to being able to use the most immutable technology that has ever existed.

The origins of futures contracts can be traced back to ancient Babylon, where farmers and traders agreed on a future price for their products to protect themselves from market volatility. Modern futures contracts emerged in the 19th century in Chicago, United States, with the establishment of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) in 1848, providing a place where farmers could sell their crops and traders could buy them.

However, it wasn’t until 2017 that Bitcoin futures originated with the launch of Bitcoin futures contracts on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). This allowed investors to speculate on the future price of Bitcoin and also enabled traders to hedge against Bitcoin price fluctuations.

Prior to the introduction of Bitcoin futures, futures and call/puts options trading in the cryptocurrency market was very limited. Bitcoin futures were seen as a sign of maturity in the cryptocurrency market, with many expecting increased liquidity and market stability. However, there were also concerns that the introduction of Bitcoin futures could increase price volatility as investors could take speculative positions and manipulate the market price. Despite these concerns, Bitcoin futures have remained a popular tool for investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market.

Now, with a clear understanding of futures and their importance in financial markets, Raptoreum has focused on developing these important features that are sure to boost the use of decentralized futures and open a new paradigm with the additional feature of futures directly within the user interface. This opens up endless possibilities for utilization, especially when combined with the ability to execute smart contracts in common programming languages.

The expectations for the evolution of Raptoreum futures are enormous, as they provide innovative, secure, decentralized, transparent, and reliable solutions for the financial world, eliminating the need for intermediaries and ensuring data immutability.

Raptoreum futures take a decentralized approach to asset trading, allowing miners to freely issue and trade futures assets without relying on a centralized third party. This can contribute to creating a more robust and resilient blockchain ecosystem. By issuing futures assets locked for a specific period of time, miners can reduce excess supply in the market and help stabilize prices. They can also use futures assets to secure a fixed price for their coins in the future, providing financial security in a volatile market.

In terms of ensuring future payments, Raptoreum’s blockchain technology provides a trusted third party through its transparent and decentralized operation. Smart contracts on the Raptoreum platform can automate future payments, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing the risk of fraud. This can have applications in various sectors, such as savings of all kinds, retirement plans, long-term contracts, real estate transactions, among others.

Compared to other cryptocurrencies and futures platforms, Raptoreum futures offer unique advantages. They are issued directly by the user without the need for a third party, reducing costs and eliminating the possibility of fraud or manipulation. The advanced technology and scalability of Raptoreum make it a promising decentralized choice for the growing demand for such technologies and services. Unlike centralized platforms, Raptoreum’s approach ensures security and transparency.

By providing a reliable, transparent, and decentralized alternative to the traditional financial system, Raptoreum futures can foster cryptocurrency adoption and improve financial accessibility. With its innovative features and potential applications built on the Raptoreum Blockchain, it provides us with the tools and materials necessary to create rails that will carry the blockchain technology train to unimaginable destinations.

At Raptoreum, we focus on decentralization, inclusion, and continuous improvement to create a fair and accessible ecosystem for all. Dear crypto enthusiast, you are welcome to join us and build a tangible alternative that allows us to transform the financial and cryptographic landscape.

At Raptoreum, we demonstrate our strong commitment to blockchain technology, the mining community, and society in general on a daily basis.

We’ll see you soon in the next interesting article in this space for knowledge, the community corner.


Alejandro M

Head of the Raptoreum Hispanic Community.